Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Links to the big names

Hi there! My main blog, Sensibilities, has accumulated a lot of material over the years, so now its sidebar has become too long. Thus I have decided to create this new blog page dedicated exclusively to links to the sites of my famous writers, my writing professors, and people that I idolize. They all influence my writing in varying degrees.

Just in case you just stumble on this blog by accident, you can always go to my main blog, but do visit these sites. Here they are!

  • Isabel Allende

  • Margaret Atwood

  • Aimee Bender

  • Raymond Chandler

  • Anton Chekhov

  • Butch Dalisay

  • Richard Dawkins

  • Conrado de Quiros

  • Eric Gamalinda

  • Brian Greene

  • NVM Gonzales

  • Alfred Hitchcock

  • Samuel Johnson

  • F Sionil Jose

  • Franz Kafka

  • Stephen King

  • Paolo Manalo, 1

  • Paolo Manalo, 2

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  • Herman Melville

  • Tim O'Brien

  • Dorothy Parker

  • Ninotchka Rosca

  • Lea Salonga

  • Lakambini Sitoy

  • Edith Tiempo

  • Rene Villanueva